When You Have Too Many Doctors....

When you have too many doctors involved in your health and well being it can be very frustrating. I understand where each doctor has their specialty, but having too many involved not only irritates me as the patient but my other doctors as well. One doctor prescribes you one medication while another doctor tries to take you off of it. Not your place! So the only thing as of now I have for any sort of pain and inflammation relief is Naproxen. My PCP put me on it, my Rheumatologist okay's it.... But my Nephrologist tries to take me off it. Apparently not understanding I need an anti-inflammatory and this is all I have for pain. Sorry not happening. My nephrologist also has me on a blood pressure medication for a blood pressure that there is nothing wrong with. My BP has always been almost perfect all my life and still is. The only place, and I truly mean the only place that my BP reads messed up is, well at the nephrologist office. Coincidence... Really now. And no matter how much I tell them this and even later that day or in a couple days call with another BP that is normal at another doctors office, they don't seem to care. They try to tell me their machines are calibrated every day or every other day or whatever their story is that day. Well okay then... Still nothing wrong with my BP! I don't take this medicine she prescribed me and nor am I going to start! Guess what... My BP is still perfect! I normally go off of what my Rheumatologist says because he's probably the best of my doctors and he's the one treating my illness. He's already mad that my Nephrologist is still putting my kidney biopsy on hold... Over a year and a half now. It's literally a waste of my time going there. He needs to know how my illness is affecting my kidneys... It is affecting them that is for sure he has the proof but needs to know where I am with it. Nothing he can do... It's so irritating. I am glad it's just 3 doctors right now... I couldn't imagine anymore... This is stressful enough!

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