Virginia Beach February 2011

My husband and I took our first trip to the beach in February 2011. Sure, it was winter in our state of PA, but it wasn't very far from home that we went. Virginia Beach was our first trip together, our first beach together and now our go to beach. Having only been to Ocean City, NJ once several years prior, this was pretty much my first real beach experience. It was happy to have shared it with the man who soon became my husband. Though it was February and not much was open, we still had an amazing time. A little chilly, but for being right at the ocean, it was pleasant on a winter day. We spent the weekend there, at the Sandcastle, ocean front. The room was nice, and for being off-season, the price wasn't bad. Definitely for what was a spur of the moment weekend get away. We did some walking on the boardwalk and then took a few trips. We took a trip up the beach a bit to Fort Story to see the lighthouse. That was an interesting adventure. We were on a military base and being that neither of us have been before, it was kind of a different experience as we didn't know what to expect. We stop at the gate, they ask for our I.D. and what our business is there. Then they examine the vehicle. Now I completely understand why, but boy is it an inconvenience for a short trip to the light house. It was definitely worth the hassle and the trip up the road though and I would definitely recommend anyone going to the area on vacation to stop by and check it out. One of my favorite things was the under water tunnel going into the bay. It was interesting yet scary at the same time. What would happen if all of a sudden there was a large hole and water just started coming in? The way people drive, seriously I think people would probably stop dead instead of keep driving through. Like awww what is this I see pouring in... instead of gas on the peddle move on out! We were truly amazed at the seagulls and how fearless they are. #fearless They were in your face, not flying away, didn't care what was going on. Several times when we were out on our balcony, the seagulls were on the railing of the balcony next to us. Maybe, at most, 2 feet away, if that. Just sitting there, looking at us, allowing me to take pictures of it. It was amazing. Being able to see the sunset across the ocean was so beautiful... and one morning got to see the sunrise as well. I could definitely get used to waking up to the ocean the rest of my life. (probably not going to happen but it's a nice thought). The day before we came home, we took a trip to the Aquarium. We love going to the Zoo & Aquarium near home and this wasn't much different and definitely not a disappointment. The Aquarium and Fort Story are definitely must visits when taking a trip or vacation to Virginia Beach.

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