The Kids Got Hold of A Sharpie!

What in the world? How? Where did you get that from? My kids get hold of the craziest things at home that it's like "how did you get that?" I know I put that up! #sharpie the #worst thing ever for a child to get hold of! How To Remove Permanent Marker From Everything! #howtoremovepermanentmarkerfromeverything

  • CLOTHES - use hand sanitizer

  • WALLS - use toothpaste or hairspray

  • WOOD - use rubbing alcohol

  • CARPET - use white vinegar

  • FURNITURE - use milk

  • WHITE BOARD - use dry erase marker or pencil rubber eraser

  • CERAMIC OR GLASS - use 1 part toothpaste and 1 part baking soda

FYI, none of the above are harmful to what you're using it on so don't be afraid to use these! I have personally used all but the last one and they worked. My absolutely favorite is the white board. I have never done the eraser but have used a dry erase marker. What you do is use the dry erase marker over top of the permanent marker and then erase. Bam! It's gone!

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