Thankful For Yet Another Year!

So when you're diagnosed with a "terminal" disease so young in life, it makes you wonder just how long you're going to be here. Of course though, waking up any given day you should be thankful that you're here, especially with the way this planet is going... But anyways, when you're told that you have a life-threatening / terminal disease that will never be cured, you never know how to feel about another year here or even if you're going to see your grandchildren grow up. I come from a family that, I didn't get to see my grandparents after age 5, my mother didn't get to see her grandchildren grow up, I don't want to be that statistic of this family. And though there are things to do to slow my progress of this disease, it's really hard to focus just on that. I have children, a family, a husband, I have to care for... it's hard to put yourself first. So as I am here on my 36th birthday, I am another step in my journey of life. I am learning more and more how to deal with my illness, how to deal with my pain and how to substitute meals with illness-healthy-foods. I definitely just would like to have less stress this next year of my life, yet I don't think that will happen. My children can't even listen and behave on my birthday... I'm crazy to think they would give me a full year of good behavior! My youngest will be 5 on Sunday and starting kindergarten this year. He is excited one minute, and the next minute he isn't going. News flash kiddo, yes you are! Last night, my husband and I went out to Texas Roadhouse for my birthday. Well I thought it was for my birthday, until later that night he says to me (after I told my young children that my birthday was tomorrow) "thanks for saying that because I totally forgot"... so now whether or not he was joking I do not know but SERIOUSLY!?!?!! Do all women have a better memory than all men? For real, I remember everyone's birthday, all our children and my husband's, my parents', my brother's, my family's, everyone's! And I don't need a Facebook remember either! So Yea, here's to another year, getting healthier (I hope)... (cheers with my bottle of water!)

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