Summer Vacay Options

So it has been awhile, sorry about that. I haven't been feeling very good or in the mood to do anything or have much energy. The little bit that I have been getting spurts of, I use to clean, organize and spend time with my kids. We will be finally getting to the beach in 2 weeks! This will be the first time that they have been there, and the first time back for my husband and I since like five and a half years ago! My kids are rather young and their attention spans are very short so we are pretty much doing a trial run at longer vacations with only 3 days this trip. That and going on peak season kind of sky rockets the budget. I believe they will have a great time though. Of course I used (use my referral for $20 for you and $20 for me!) for my reservations for my hotel, as always. I always seem to find the best deals there and with free cancellation (in case something would happen that would cause a snag in our trip, we aren't out the money), free breakfast and only need 1 hotel room for my large family, it's the best! So now I am in the process of finding alternative things to do with my family during the time at the beach in case kids get bored, or it rains (I sure hope it doesn't because where I live this summer has been completely consumed by rain!) or we just have some time to kill. Pretty sure the zoo is an option, animals are always fun. There is a children's museum that could be an indoor, rainy day option, but having experienced my children at the Children's museum in Pittsburgh, they didn't seem to do that great. But we will see. I am honestly dreading the drive with kids! So this is what I'm traveling with... My youngest turns 4 on the 4th of August, and the second youngest won't be 5 until the 20th of August, so for the time being I will have two 4 year olds, who are actually not that bad in the car as they will sleep most of the time, which is good, but they also aren't the ones to complain, but the older of the 2 does get car sick so it's good he will sleep. We then have a 6 year old who I feel is going to be one of the problems, (tips on how to mellow a child during a long trip, please?) My other two are my 10 year old son and my 12 year old step-daughter who seems to have the bladder of a pea and attitude of a bee. Really not looking forward to the drive. But hopefully they enjoy the trip and don't act ungrateful! I definitely will be writing about the aspects of our trip, that's for sure! Until then... enjoy your summer!

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