Stay Safe, Check on Your Loved Ones!

It has been an interesting week thus far, for sure. Last Thursday, we get a letter from the school district pretty much stating that closing would be the last resort. We would get notice if that happens. Yada yada yada. WELL. That letter MUST have been the "warning". The following day we get notice, as we are picking our children up that school is closed the next 2 weeks. UGH! WHY DOES THIS HAVE TO HAPPEN? You read in the history books about the small pox and plague, etc., but to think that anything like that would happen now is absurd. You would think that medical would be so well nowadays that this would never be an issue. I honestly don't think it's our medical per say, it's more like the stupidity of our government. How are you going to know something is going down in another country or countries, and continue to let people in? Knowing that this is going on, ALL international flights should have been BANNED to return to the United States. Sorry if you're an American in another country but you are staying. ALL international travel should have been banned and contained to where you are that way it limits the spread. Leaving people return, come on, that's just an invitation to infect us all. Our Government doesn't care about us, doing this! Really? NOW, most everything is shut down but the fact that EVERYTHING isn't shut down and there are people out in the community, how is that helping the spread. What's the point of shutting some stuff down but not everything because it's pointless. Schools are closed, meaning children are home. Isn't that great? Maybe for kids! But you're kids are home pretty much so that they are quarantined. That does NOT mean take them to the trampoline park or the play park or out in public to play with their friends. That does NOT mean send them to someone else's house to have a sleep over. School is out so that kids are HOME, less likely to get sick. Why close school if you're just going to send your kids out to get exposed to the germs? It's unfortunate that there are people, and plenty of them, that don't care. Use what brain you actually do have and do your part by helping not to spread this! And you may not even know you're sick for up to 2 weeks. That is why we are in a quarantine for 2 weeks! TO STOP THE SPREAD! It's contagious before you know you have it! IT IS CONTAGIOUS BEFORE YOU EVEN KNOW YOU HAVE IT!






Ugh, this whole thing is just so frustrating. Ever realize that almost every "exotic" illness comes out of China? Shit is getting real, I'm so over it. Having Lupus, an already compromised immune system, I am likely to die if I contract this illness. I cannot afford to get sick. Yet, my husband has to leave for work, and works around people. Seriously? Please remember that if you know of someone who is sick already, regardless if they have Cancer, Lupus, COPD, anything... MAKE SURE YOU CHECK IN WITH THEM! STAY SAFE WORLD! (during this time, I will try and post as often as I can, but even if it is just a short post, always check back to keep yourself positive during this! check in and make us aware you are safe! we love the comments, no negativity please.)

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