Start 2014 Bad, End it Bad

As I go into 2014 mourning the death of my mother and missing her horribly on her birthday, January 8th, I go into 2014 with not much to look forward to. The only people keeping me going is my husband and my three beautiful boys, AND one on the way! Little Roman Lee Ambrose Diehl came into the world on August 4, 2014! I knew before my mom died, only days before, but still it was before, that I was pregnant. But like always I go into the doctors and they pretty much tell me I'm wrong. LIKE HELL I AM! You ARE NOT doing this to me again. My poor Terryn was 2 weeks overdue because of these idiots and that was because they took him 2 weeks before they were going to make me go until because I wanted to do VBAC. I couldn't though because of the medical issues I was having because of them being wrong. They did the same with Dallas, but I dealt with it. But Roman was conceived a month before they say it he was and was due July 24, 2014 BUT they changed it to August 23rd. Well I finally got my way and was scheduled for an Amniocentesis August 4th at 10AM. Well before I even had to go through the Amnio process and the wait, the doctor decided to check my dilation and effacement. I was hooked up to the monitors and was having regular contractions. THANK GOD, I really didn't want to have the needle poked in my stomach but I was going to do it to prove I knew what the hell was going on with me! Anyway, my doctors checked me and sure enough I was dilated about 3 or so, 90% effaced and "showing"... Baby's coming! So they scheduled me for my c-section that morning instead of doing the Amnio and 12:51 PM we had ourselves a healthy baby boy named Roman Lee Ambrose Diehl! You figure if they would have been stupid enough to send me home that dilated and efface I was sure enough going to be back at the hospital later that day (and yes my doctors would have done that! I'm surprised they didn't!) Yea, that was pretty much my year! (on the good side, bring precious Roman Lee into the world and my three other boys) So early in the summer, Dan's dad was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer. They ended up getting him about 6 months to live. Radiation and Chemo didn't help but made him weak and sicker. I guess that stuff doesn't really do much for advanced stage cancers. He was in and out of the hospital for the next several months and took his last trip there at the beginning of December, on his birthday December 4th. There was a surprise birthday party being planned for him on December 5th. Which was cancelled because of him going into the hospital and THEN put back on! Why? Don't know. Wasn't really wanting to go to a birthday party that the man of honor wasn't there! But they had it on! Friday morning, the morning of the party, Dad was still in the hospital. Dan's mom, was home making food for the "party" tonight. Then her most joyful-happy-hobby became the worst-fiery-hell you could imagine. While reaching up above the stove to get something out of the spice cabinet, her shirt became engulfed in flame. While screaming for help, the fire soared up her left side burning everything in the way until it was extinguished. She was rushed by ambulance to the burn unit in Pittsburgh for emergency surgery. Due to heart conditions and blood pressure issues, they were unable to do immediate surgery that day, all weekend, or Monday. Tuesday morning she went into surgery. Meanwhile, Friday we went up to see Dan's dad, (pappy Lee to the boys) for his birthday the day before. That morning, the news station that it was necessary to broadcast the fiery event of "elderly woman set on fire" including video of their home and family members. No one wanted to tell Dad right away about mom due to his state of being, but thanks to the news that is never where you want them to be but always where you don't, Dad found out. While seeing him, in his state knowing how the end wasn't far, he made a very chilling comment which would later be read further into, went something like "Guess she wants us to go together". The words might not be exact but WOW, it's almost like a warning from higher power to be prepared, though you never are. Knowing from a year ago, you can never be prepared for the loss of a parent! NEVER! And it's almost like you cannot accept that! By the way, Dad was seeming to be doing okay considering his condition. So the weekend passes and here is Tuesday morning, Dan's mom went into surgery after everything was stable enough to do so. Dan and I were on our way over there to see her that afternoon. When we saw her, burns aside it brought back horrific memories of my dying mother. Though that's not something you want to tell your husband who was having a hard time with this all. It's almost like a sense. As we went home that evening, Dan and his family (all 8 children) went to see his dad, who was moved earlier that day to Palliative Care Unit. After the next 18 hours, I'm glad we went to see his mom in Pittsburgh and I'm glad we went to see his dad. Wednesday morning, December 10th, I took Dan to work and had to take care of an issue with the car. I was going to stop up to see his dad at the hospital because of not being able to go up the night before with them all because of the boys going to sleep. The time I would have been up there, I'm glad I didn't. I get a call from my husband that there was nothing they could do for his mother. Wednesday morning she was taken back into emergency surgery for an infection and there was nothing they could do to help her. She was on life support until family members could get there and barely made it until then. Around 12:40 I got a very disturbing phone call from my husband as he was still at work. Both, BOTH, of his parents were gone. his dad passed away at 12:28PM and his mom 12:35PM, 7 minutes apart, 7 MINUTES! Who loses both of their parents the same year, the same month? LET ALONE THE SAME DAY, MINUTES APART! Now, back to the thing I said about his dad saying Friday while we were visiting him. Make sense how that is creepy as heck? Almost like he was holding on for her and her for him. It was like a sense that he knew she would be okay without him there because she would be coming with him. When he felt there was nothing more they could do for her condition, he left go. He became an angel at 12:28 and flew to Pittsburgh to take her home with him. He wanted to be able to come home and spend Christmas with his wife and family, well he got to go home and spend Christmas with his wife looking over his family. Two weeks before Christmas we lost two loved ones and gained two angels. Two weeks before Christmas, 8 children lost their parents but gained guardian angels. Two weeks before Christmas 24 Grandchildren lost two grandparents but gained two guardian angels. Two weeks before Christmas, through all this pain, through what should be a time of mourning, a time of life celebration, a time of remembrance, a time of family helping family cope became a time for ignorance, a time of greed, jealousy, and not caring (not everyone was like this, most of the family acted how they should have and knew was respectful, but every family has that bad egg or two).

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