Royal Rumble or Fumble?

Sunday was a big day! There was so much on last evening that I wanted to watch. I have always been a big wrestling fan, grew up watching it. I have always been a music fan since I could remember, the Grammy's were on, the Royal Rumble was on... and then throw Shameless season finale in the mix, I had a big evening! The Royal Rumble is my event! I love it! Last night's event, eh, not so much. For some reason events are either REALLY GOOD or REALLY BAD. Last night's I could have really gone without watching it. The actual royal rumble matches are what I like. The pre-show was lame. The matches themselves weren't all that great. The Roman Reigns vs. King Corbin was good, but then it just went down hill. And the fact of having to wait until the very end for the second Royal Rumble match, horrible! So if you like wrestling and haven't watched, you may want to stop reading now. I was really upset with the outcome of the Women's Royal Rumble match. Seriously? They couldn't let someone more deserving win? WOW! I really think Nattie or Sonya should have won. Another thing that really upset me was they normally have a lot of "WOW" factors in the entrants. Not last night. It was a lot of "who are they"s... I think the fact they let the "minor league" in the match is great, but it takes out the spots they could be bringing back some older wrestlers. Like Lita or Trish? Michelle McCool... or the Bellas or Nia Jax, get back here now! But Charlotte, get over it! Not all that wonderful! The men's was even worse!!!!! Brock Lesnar starting the match and just wiping everyone out. Really!?! Thankfully they get him out and start some real action. Literally the first half hour was Brock standing in the ring alone holding up the belt. Get over it. The dude shouldn't even have the belt begin with. Through champions should be Fighting Champions? You know the type to challenge and main event raw or smack down. NOT someone who wrestles once, maybe twice a year and there is a disappearance of the title. I LOVED that Edge was in! Amazing!!! They start his music and I'm like I know that music... but couldn't place it and WOW!!!!! GREATNESS!!! And he was in the final 4! The final 4 was Edge, Randy Orton, Drew McIntyre and Roman Reigns. YES YES YES I Absolutely LOVE Roman Reigns, that is my man right there! BUT, I couldn't say I would be disappointed if any of those 4 won. My picks were Roman or Drew, I wanted either to win. I felt like Drew deserved it and thankfully so did the WWE Universe, Drew prevailed while it was down to him and Roman. That really made up for the first part of that match for sure! If anyone isn't familiar with the new Bray Wyatt persona, please DO NOT Subject your children to this! WTF was WWE thinking by allowing such demonic crap. It was worse than anything ever, and it will likely give nightmares to even those who don't get them and like horror stuff. (Shiver at the thought!) Anyways, with all of my shows last night, this definitely took the TV, while the Grammy's played on my laptop!

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