Relax and Catch Up

For as long as I can remember, I have loved writing. My favorite is lyrics and poetry. With ambitions of becoming a songwriter (not sure about singer, but songwriter was attainable), I began writing in that type of outlet since I was about 12. Growing up, in school, I always loved the writing assignments. One of the few in my classes that actually enjoyed these assignments. Today, I wrote (so far) 3 lyric-poetry works. One in particular pertaining to something I have recently picked up again and have continued over the past 3 months, Jesus. Jesus isn't new to me. Since I was a small child I attended church with family, however as I got older and grew apart from the family that I went with, I didn't attend church again until about a year before my first marriage. We did attend for awhile afterwards but as my marriage fell apart, so did my connection to church. I had the Bible app on my phone a couple different times and as much as I wanted to use it to reconnect myself, I didn't and it got deleted. Over this troubled time lately, I needed something in my life to calm me down and guide me on. The answer, the Bible, Jesus. Getting so much inspiration from a new special friend, I went ahead and downloaded the YouVersion Bible app again, and started doing studies with her. This turned into a women's study group and I couldn't be more thrilled to be able to be part of such a diverse group of ladies who are willing to bare their souls with you while you all bring Jesus a little closer to you. For the past 2 months, I have found my life has changed. My day to day is basically the same, but my soul, my heart, my attitude and my willingness to relax and accept Jesus into my life again. I have had less negativity in my life and when I start to think negatively or deal with negativity, I try and get myself to feel the positive around it and how can I make this a positive situation. I have yelled less at my children, even though they feel I haven't, I feel it. I have had much less anger in my heart towards things I cannot change and more positive outlook towards the things I can. Want to connect more with me through the YouVersion Bible app? ADD ME and we can do a study together!

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