Pro-Life, Anti-Vasectomy

I know this blog post may be a little controversial so if you're not open minded to let me have my opinions, then don't read any further and I won't frown upon you clicking out of this now. If you're open minded to entitle me to my opinions and views, then by all means check out what I have to say. I am Pro-Life, Anti-Abortion. I always have been, always will be. If you don't want to have a child, or risk getting pregnant, there are so many areas of protection out there, use them! That baby didn't ask to be placed inside you, nor is it asking to be killed. It has always been up to the woman whether or not to have a tubal ligation. If you feel you no longer want anymore children, the doctor will discuss this option with you. Abortion is not the way to not have anymore children and not be responsible sexually either. So apparently there is a bill in place in Alabama to be voted on and God forbid if this happens, how long before more states pick it up. It states "In response to abortion restrictions, Alabama lawmaker's bill would require vasectomies." Require? Apparently they feel any many over 50 or any man that has already 3 children, is required to have a vasectomy. On top of that, at their own expense. Basically this is coming up due to the restriction on abortions, so it says. Abortions and vasectomies are NOT the same in any way! Vasectomies are male versions of tubal ligation not abortions. So why aren't tubal ligation mandatory then? So basically the male is limited to 3 children, but the woman can have more? Sure in a perfect world the woman and the man would have the same amount of babies because they are together forever. That's in the perfect world, this is the real world we are talking about. Abortions should be banned everywhere and should be considered murder! There are so many people out there in this REAL world, that might not be able to have children for many different reasons. The babies that would be the result of a pregnancy without abortion could be given up for adoption to those who want children and cannot conceive. Yes, I am aware of how many children there are in the state's care that are looking for forever homes. Sorry, but this does not change my look on abortions. Every life deserves a chance. The real world is full of reasons that will benefit with abortions being restricted and crimes. That is for another day. I truly hope that this vasectomy "law" does not get passed. Medical insurances however should cover non-medically necessary vasectomies and tubal ligation though. I do feel, that many more people would go through with these procedures if they were covered with their insurance.

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