Podcast Update

Hey friends! I just wanted to leave a little information on how to keep up with Clay and Wanda on the podcast! We are always looking for new guests to be featured. Do you have a project you would like to promote or a product? Do you have something big going on? Do you just like to chat? Contact us now to get your spot on an upcoming episode!

Here are some important links to remember and keep up to date with us!

Our website for The Clay and Wanda Podcast is: theclayandwandapodcast.com or clayandwandapodcast.com

YouTube! Follow us today! Listen to our podcast and watch our video filled with positivity! The Clay & Wanda Podcast - YouTube

You can find all of our podcast audio links on our website as well as our social media links for IG, Twitter and FB!

Follow us now on YouTube and an audio platform of your choice!

Have you listened to the latest podcast on the homepage here? Let me know below what you think! We are always looking for constructive feedback!

Thanks again friends!

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