Philly Incident

Wednesday evening there was an incident in Philadelphia, PA. It was an "active" shooter incident. There were a few cops shot, not killed. They were serving a narcotics warrant to a residence, which lead them to another residence where the incident occurred. As my husband and I watched the live streams of the incident, there wasn't really much going on except speculation as to what could or they think did occur. After almost 8 hours since the warrant was served and this started, the "shooter" did peacefully surrender. Reading news articles yesterday about this incident, no charges were yet filed, though speculation of several charges were made. Aggravated assault, drug charges, charges for felony weapon possession were all speculated, and sure, I agree. There was one though, however that I do not fully agree on. Attempted Murder. When you look back over the "mass shootings" that have occurred even as of late, those people went to places intending harm, intending killing! This guy was being served a warrant. Yes, he had guns. Yes, he shot the guns. Yes, they did hit police officers. Did he have all that was needed to kill police, civilians? Yes, he did. Did he have all the opportunity to do so? Yes, he did. So if you have the opportunity and means, you would have taken that opportunity if your intent was murder. Correct? He did not. The cops that were shot, were not shot in the head or in the chest where someone intending to kill them would. There were actually cops trapped in the house where the gunman was. They could have been killed very easily. There were civilians escorted from the home where the gunman was, they could have been killed as well. They were not. If this guy clearly had intent on killing, he wouldn't have surrendered, he would have went out in the blaze of glory killing anyone in his way. Articles also go on to say about the mans arrests since he was 18. Aggravated assault, drug charges. There were like 12 pages they said of charges in the past 18 years. Few carried time. This man had a newborn baby. This man clearly was held up in drugs. Understandable. He clearly, as a felon should not have been in possession of weapons, understandable. I truly believe this man was scared. Used these weapons as defense against the police, who also had weapons. Completely understandable. Did this guy have the right to start shooting at anyone? No. But, he had all the opportunity in the world to kill, many many people. He didn't try to. I truly believe, or at least hope, attempted homicide doesn't stand. He has more than enough time coming his way to not see that new baby grow up. He didn't attempt to kill anyone. My opinion and I'm entitled to it. P.S. This IN NO WAY makes me approve of guns. Because the fact he had what he did is really scary. The fact this took place across from a daycare center, very scary! There is a place for certain guns and I do not believe anyone should have an assault rifle in there possession. Most of the time the people using these weapons obtain them legally. Most of the time.

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