Motion Sickness Prevent You From Traveling More?

What if you had access to even more Natural Remedies to ease #motionsickness so that you could travel more and enjoy life as you want? Here are a few tricks to help your motion sickness so that you can make your traveling dreams come true!

  • Face the direction you are traveling! #faceforward - Do not look out the side windows!

  • Keep your eyes on the horizon! #straightforward - Do not look all around!

  • Change Positions! #relax - If you feel like you're starting to get sick, change your position to ease your sickness.

  • Avoid reading or screens! #screenfree #relaxyoureyes - Don't look at your phone or tablet as while you may feel like you are sitting still, you're really not and the "jolting" of the screen will make you sick quick (believe me, my one son gets sick in the car and we ban digital screens now!)

  • Drink water or a carbonated beverage! #waterworkswonders #carbonationhelps - Water is always going to be the best option, but if you can't handle the water, try a carbonated beverage for instance Sierra Mist or 7up or Sprite or Ginger Ale. Those are honestly going to be your best options especially over Cola or Mountain Dew (which I have found to be the absolute worst when it comes to calming a motion-sick stomach!

  • Have cool air blown on your face! #relaxandchill - The winter may not be the best time to travel with motion sickness if you are not alone, the heat will definitely not help and you will need the cool air whether it is coming from your car's a/c or the window!

  • Apply pressure along your wrist! #senorspots - Apply pressure to the wrist at your pressure/senor areas will help relieve motion sickness.

  • Drink Ginger or Peppermint Tea! #Peppermintanything - If you don't have ginger or peppermint tea available, overall take from this tip is ginger and peppermint. Get some peppermint gum or mints and some ginger ale... it may ultimately have a better affect for you.

  • Drive if you can! #drive - If you are able, I have found that driving helps more than anything! If you have a license and feel like you can benefit from being the driver, drive as often as possible during your trip. When you have control it seems to help from motion sickness.

  • Sour Lozenges or candy! #sourpatchkids - I have also noticed from my own experience that sour candies also tend to help the stomach! If you can handle sour, try Sour Patch Kids or something along those lines.

Happy Travels without Motion Sickness!!! :-) Definitely comment and leave your tips if you suffer from motion sickness... what helps you the best?

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