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Money $aver #1 - DROP YOUR CABLE TV SUBSCRIPTION HULU HAS BASICALLY EVERYTHING Why are you still spending so much on cable and satellite TV? Do you ever realize most of the channels you do not even watch!? You have DVR for what? To watch your shows after they air originally... STREAM! CUT THE CORD NOW! $ave hundred$... commercial free HULU (what I have) is $12.70/mo, there is also a limited ad version for $5.99/mo plus tax. ​TRY HULU FREE for 1 month! MOST OF WHAT HULU DOESN'T HAVE... NETFLIX DOES Most of what Hulu doesn't have, Netflix will. Both have exclusives and originals as well! Netflix subscription will cost you between $8.99 and $15.99 a month depending on the plan you choose. If you just want the basic, 1 screen package it is $8.99. Adding HD and the second screen your bill will be $12.99. Adding 2 more screens, now you are up to 4 screens at one time, you're up to $15.99. $till so much less than cable even in addition to Hulu! TRY NETFLIX FREE for 1 month! CHECK OUT THESE OTHER APPS! Get yourself a ROKU (around $30-$60 at Wal-mart and other places). Or a smart TV if one is available (my boys have TCL Roku TVs about $130 for a 32").​

  • TUBI TV - Free TV & Movies

  • PLUTO TV - Free TV & Movies

  • CRACKLE - Free TV & Movies

  • FILMRISE - Free TV & Movies

  • POPCORN FLIX - Free TV & Movies

  • The ROKU CHANNEL - Free & Paid

  • VUDU - Keep your Digital Movies in one place, rent new releases, watch TV and Movies for Free as well

Money $aver #2 - CASH BACK ON PURCHASES TURN YOUR RECEIPT INTO CA$H BACK USE MY REFERRAL CODE "spvubfg" One of my favorite ways to save money shopping is using IBOTTA. It is simply an app that you download on your phone, clip savings and upload your receipt. Cash back varies with items and different promotions. It may ultimately save you to buy the name brand if you usually buy store brand! Offers online and in stores. Make sure you read the qualifications of the cash back offer as some require a purchase of 2 or a max cash back of 5 items, etc. Some items you may end up paying pennies for or get for free! Use my referral code "spvubfg" and we each get money back just for referring you! CA$H BACK ON CARD PURCHASES Use my referral link for free money when you sign up! ​ ​ Dosh mobile app is a quick way to make extra money by shopping and referring your friends! $5.00 free when you join using my referral link and I receive as well! Not even realizing it, I earn extra cash when making a card purchase at any of the stores listed on the app. You can earn 3% on a lot of the stores. Different stores, different % cash back. It adds up! You could even use this as a referral site just earning money by referring your friends and family! FREE STUFF!!! Free is the best price, right? Here are a few links to places you can get free stuff!

  • I have been using this website for a few years now and they have a lot of free stuff on there!

Here are a few others.


  • Gift Card Granny - up to 50% off Gift Cards - make sure you use the link and my referral!



Feel free to let me know of any other free stuff websites that are actually free stuff and not ones you think are free and you have to end up going through some "survey" and then not even be able to get the "free" item anyway. Money $aver #3 - TIPS & TRICKS AT THE GROCERY STORE Those Annoying Store Cards - ALWAYS sign up for the store rewards card, even if you do not usually shop there. Most of them have gone digital and you do not get an actual physical card and can use simply your phone number at the register. They may seem like a hassle but if you really want to save money, get them! A lot of stores require the card to get the "sale" price, therefore if you don't have it you're going to end up paying a lot more than you need to. They are FREE to sign up for so why not for sake of saving money. Some stores like Rite Aid will actually load cash back on your card for certain purchases, so always look for those, sometimes it doesn't seem like it is worth it, but a lot of times it definitely is especially if the item is already on sale! The Coupon Clipper - If you still get the newspaper or any other form of physical advertisements, definitely continue to clip those coupons and use them! There are also so many apps that you can go onto and clip the coupon and load it to your store card. Check those store apps & websites, you can find coupons exclusively on them to load to your card and use at the store without having a paper coupon! Shop Around - Check out those websites and advertisements and compare, where are you going to get the best deal!? One store might have what you're looking for at normal price while another one you can save!

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