Heat Flash or Heat Wave?

So the last few days have been a scorcher. The weather advisory for the "excessive heat wave" was until 8pm last evening. It's much hotter today, so how is that? I honestly do not pay much attention to the forecast as the local news/meteorologists don't seem to know what they are talking about. We get the "news" 3 days after it happens and the weather is never ever correct. So I have given up on watching the local news and paying any attention to the weather. It happens when it happens! If I make "plans" and it rains, so be it. I have cancelled plans for much worse than rain... like the excessive pain I'm always in. Which brings me to the question... Is it a heat wave or just a heat flash? Growing up I never really cared much for the heat. I DID NOT like the massive snow we got where I live, but I didn't care much for the heat. I was a sweater! I though for some reason have to have a cover during the summer, while I'm sweating, with the fan on me. Call me weird but I find it is rather common. Lately however, I'm not that much of a sweater as I used to be and I still sleep with that cover with the a/c on. I still DO NOT like winter and the snow/ice but it seems with the "global warming" that our snow and ice doesn't really happen much anymore which is good, but it's excessively cold. Growing up, we went to school! Unless there was a foot of snow outside, we went to school! And 90% of the time, we walked! Nowadays, my children are off school cuz it's too cold to send them. Really, this apparently is a thing. It is TOO cold to go to school. If only that existed on the days it was in the negatives when I was growing up, but oh well... One summer going to school 3 weeks after the last day was to be, was good enough for me. The winter and the cold still are too excessive for me with having Lupus and Fibromyalgia and constantly feeling like someone beat the crap out of me. I need the heat, but not the humidity! I need the desert, that is what I need. I need the dry heat and though direct sun isn't good for me with my condition, I need the sun. It warms my body and helps me feel a little bit better! Yes, I'm sure any rheumatologist would just love to hear that I want to go sit in the hot desert sun. Something about the heat on your skin. I'll tell ya what though, everything from the outer layer of my skin clear down to my muscles, tendons, bones, hurt like hell. Nothing helps it, except the little relief I get from the sun! Anyone with any type of issues like this including arthritis, knows that winter is NOT your friend, but this humidity is NOT your friend either. I literally feel like I have heat flashes when I'm dealing with this humidity. And the fact that it says your temperature is like 90 degrees and then you have the "real feel" temp and then your humidity is at like 60% omg for real, not cool mother nature! I need a bubble to go live inside that I can control my own temperature so that I can feel my best! I'm sure I'm not the only one with that problem for sure... right? When my husband and I went to Las Vegas and Arizona, it was March. It was "hot" there but not hot like I'm used to here because of the humidity, it was a nice hot! I wouldn't mind moving there one day... rather sooner than later that's for sure. I feel like my quality of life would be so much better, I would be able to do so much more with my children, with my family. This weather anymore, makes me want to stay in bed, not move all day and try to keep cool in the a/c. I am a mother, my husband is at work... that isn't going to happen!

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