Being a stay at home mother has it's perks. It also has it's downfalls too. Like lack of socialization. During this COVID-19 pandemic, I have went from being okay with not socializing to being forced to not socialize. When you have the option, it's up to you and you feel like you're in control of what you do or do not do. When you're forced to not be allowed to do something, it makes you want to do it more and feel like you're now forced to not do something you're already okay with not doing to begin with. Having Lupus really doesn't give me much of an opportunity to really do a lot to begin with. You never know when you're going to have a flare or even worse. I had so many bad days when I was working, before I was even diagnosed. I don't mind being a stay at home mom for that simple fact. Who's going to hire someone who can't be reliable, not because they're just not reliable and don't care but simply because I can't guarantee that I can make it to work a day or even several days or weeks in a row because of my illness. During this pandemic and the stay-at-home order, schools being closed, businesses being closed or cut back, it's been definitely something new. My husband doesn't work as many hours because of his work being cut back and my kids aren't in physical school. I am now their teacher, I am now their principal. Between daily school work and zoom meetings I have gone from taking my children to school, keeping house, grocery shopping, picking them up from school and maintaining sanity and taking care of them. To now, not having a set schedule it seems, though I do, it's just not what I am used to. Instead of having to get my kids dressed for school and ready to go, we now have class at the dining room table. My sanity lately is running low. I have 5 children who are in school. My daughter (step-daughter) is in 8th grade, so she is finishing out her last year of Junior High. Well, that is if she actually turns in her school work as she should be doing. Most districts have Junior/Senior high students issued Chromebooks during the school year so that they can complete work timely. This has helped those schools greatly while we are going through this no-school time. My 6th grader was issued a Chromebook within the first 2-3 weeks of homeschooling, this definitely makes it easier to submit his "work". I have a 12 year old boy who wants nothing more than to play video games. This makes it hard to get him motivated to actually do quality work. Overall it gets done though. My real challenge is that I have 3 children under 3rd grade that I have to daily help with their assignments. My baby is in kindergarten, I have one in 1st and one in 2nd who also has daily zoom meetings with his TSS/BSC. Some days those are 2 hours, most of the time it's been about an hour, but it's daily. I try to get one of my other boys done before that meeting starts so I feel somewhat accomplished and we aren't working into the wee hours of the evening finishing up school work. Overall it's not completely out of this world, we have Math, Science, Social Studies and 20 minutes of reading for ELA and any assignment that might go along. I understand this overall doesn't seem too bad, BUT when you have 3 children you have to get done in a day, yes it's a lot. When my 2nd grader isn't done with his zoom but done with his school work, we have been trying to get the next days assignments in... the zoom meeting will still exist but at least the assignments are done. Then each week I have 3-4 zoom meetings with their teachers and classmates. I have been able to keep up and keep the schedules reasonable but this past week I felt so ashamed that I forgot one of their meetings. This all is just taking it's toll on me and I just want it to be done. 1 1/2 more weeks of school! I believe there is just next week, not sure if there will be assignments the following week of Memorial Day because the assignments are to be turned in to the school that week. I definitely give credit to the teachers for doing this on a daily!!! They truly are the heroes! I can be an elementary teacher after all this! I seriously I have taken on kindergarten, first grade, second grade and sixth grade core subjects and have also mastered NEW MATH! Who can say that they understand the new way of math!?!?! Not many people, then again when I was in school I was a math pro... or should I say a math nerd? When school first was "out", I was so beyond sad for my children. "Oh, this 2 weeks will be over before we know it and be back". Nope, extended, nope, extended again, nope, closed. UGH NO! I went through so many mixed emotions. Great, I don't got to take them to school. NOOO, my kids don't get to see their teachers and friends. Great, I don't have to leave my house. NOOOO, I don't get to get out of the house. Great.... um? NOOO, my baby doesn't get his kindergarten graduation, (he didn't have a preschool one either)... My baby doesn't get his sixth grade recognition. I think overall I felt the most sadness for my littlest. This was his first year of school so he is losing out on the most. My state is opening back up, current my county is in the yellow phase since May 15th. We have currently 34 cases. What is really insane is about a week ago it was in the low 20s. Yeah, wonder how long before it goes out of hand with everything just needing to be reopened. I can understand why people need things to be reopened, to an extent. If you're on unemployment, you're not hurting. You're getting the extra money and you're wages. Why not stay home with your family right? What I don't agree with is a lot of people just need things to reopen because they don't want to be home with their kids anymore, they need to go out to the bars, they need to just do things, for selfish reasons. Well, when you're going back to work and school isn't in session, you're now paying for extra daycare. Bet you'll wanna wish you were still home in quarantine "red" phase where you were the free "childcare". I love being home with my family. Yes, they get on my sanity sometimes, but I love my family and I would never be THAT selfish. AND when it comes to wearing masks. People need to understand. YOUR MASK protects ME! MY MASK protects YOU! Don't be selfish and protest the mask. There are people out there LIKE ME who have weakened immune systems that can't afford to get sick. We can and most likely will, die. You want to go into that grocery store, you can handle a mask for that time! You want to go wonder around Wal-Mart or Lowe's, you can wear that mask. The state of Pennsylvania REQUIRES that you do, and REQUIRES that the stores or establishments that you are entering REQUIRE you do so. I had an issue picking up pizza from our local Little Caesars a couple weeks ago. I already ordered and paid on the app or I would NOT have entered to get my pizza. There were about 20 people that entered that location WITHOUT A MASK. Employees, one other person and myself were the ONLY ones with masks on and they DID NOTHING to require it! Said NOTHING to those without. I went to the kiosk to get my pizza and there was a lady standing there without a mask breathing all over everything. Like really. So yes, I was the B***h and called corporate. They relayed the message (with many errors) to the local owner who left me a very nasty message and when I called back was EXTREMELY rude to me. Never did I complain about employees not wearing them, they were! The time and day he claims he "checked" the cameras, wasn't even the time and day I was complaining about. THEN he had nerve to tell me there is nothing he can do to require face coverings. OH YES SIR THERE IS. YOU ARE THE BUSINESS OWNER, IT IS REQUIRED HERE. So as nasty as he got, I told him I was going to call the CDC, he said "go right ahead there is NOTHING they're going to tell me to enforce this"... SO I DID. And the CDC was absolutely horrified by this guys actions. My kids love Little Caesars, we have not gone back! If your state requires face coverings, do it. Don't disobey a law. You're not just protecting yourself by wearing one, but you're protecting EVERYONE around you too. If you can't manage to wear one, don't go. DON'T BE SELFISH!

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