Brief Update

Hey everyone! I hope everyone is doing well during this time of uncertainty and everyone is remaining safe and in their homes. I bet none of us ever thought something like this would ever happen... I guess the only thing worse would be war or a zombie apocalypse. So I had a really great post started the other day but I lost it. Hmmm... wonder where it went. Anyways if I get back to thinking about it I will make a really great one again. I started it and with everything crazy going on... poof. This week we started home schooling assignments... hopefully over time it gets more uniformed but I am trying and I must say, home schooling is not something I could do... especially feeling the way I do 99% of the time. And the anxiety and stress of this whole situation on top UGH. I hope everything is going well with you all... we so far are in the clear, my husband is an "essential worker", so we can't really keep inside as he goes to work. We do limit going out to just taking him to work and home and the occasional grocery trip which I try to make as much as I can in one trip. Feel free to let me know how you are doing in the comments below... we are in this together and we are here to help each other through! Much Love! Stay Safe and Healthy!

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