Who else feels like this whole COVID-19 pandemic has them in some other world? Ever since my kids' last day of school March 13th, it just has gotten worse by the day, by the week. I don't know if it's because my kids are home and my life now consists around home schooling or if it's just everything and life in general that's making me feel this way. I feel like my life is at a stand still yet days go by. My sanity is tested every day and keeping my kids in line and understanding what's going on is a struggle at times. They know the world COVID-19, Corona, Coronavirus, COVID Creature is what I have started referring to it as. They don't understand however how they're not allowed to see their friends, family outside the home, go to the playgrounds (yes, ours and most are "closed"), we keep them out of stores they normally would go in with us. We limit grocery store visits, any store for that matter. It took me almost 2 months to finally get up the nerve to enter a Wal-Mart, and it wasn't even my local one (people don't act safe here and though they think they are immune to whatever this is, I know I am not and could potentially die as I have health and immune issues that would cause me to). So we go from 3 plus months of everything COVID Creature related to George Floyd related and protests. Well let me tell ya something about this... What is going on in this world is NOT PROTEST! You all are Riotting and it is not safe. What happened to safe demonstration and protest? Turning this "protest" into burning, looting and violence, what is that going to prove? This is NOT a RACE thing either. The same thing happens to people who aren't "black". What's it make it then when something like that happens to a white man or woman, a Puerto Rican man or woman? A gay man or woman? Someone who doesn't believe in the same religion as you? This would all be the same crime right? It's a police officer (or more) abusing their "power". THIS police officer KNEW what he was doing. The OTHER police officers standing around WATCHING KNEW what was going on. THEY are just as much at fault as the one doing the kneeling. GEORGE FLOYD was an AMERICAN MAN. Period. End of story. Those who want to continue to cause HATE and continue to throw it in everyone's face that "BLACK lives matter"... don't all lives matter? You're the one throwing the race card out there. You're the one making this racist, a hate crime. Did you all know that George and the police officer who KILLED him, worked together before? Yea. Imagine that. So who's to say that they didn't have some sort of love lost and well now one's a cop and has him "in his custody" and is doing what he can "abusing his power" to "hurt" him. I could go on for days about why this isn't a race hate crime.THE PROTESTS OR SHOULD I SAY RIOTS NEED TO STOP. I LIVE IN PA, PITTSBURGH WAS TOO CLOSE, NOW STATE COLLEGE AND HARRISBURG, STAY THE HELL OUT OF MY TOWN WITH YOUR SELFISH ACTS OF VIOLENCE AND CRIME!AMERICANS destroying AMERICA... DISGRACE... DISGUSTING... YOU ALL ARE NO BETTER THAN THAT MAN WHO MURDERED GEORGE FLOYD!

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