Am I all of a sudden 80?

So often I wake up stiff and cannot move, in so much pain and wish I could just lay in bed all day even though that doesn't happen nor does it feel good to do that even. This morning I woke up and I could not move everything hurt but it was extremely bad from my neck down to my tail bone into my hips. I can't even get a good nights sleep because of being in so much pain it is unreal. But what can you really do? I have gotten used to the fact I can't sleep because of pain, I just try to watch tv or play a game on my phone or something until I get so tire I crash because that is the only way I can get to sleep. Nothing has been helping lately, anti-inflammatories, heating pads, ice, massage, nothing. I don't know what I'm going to do if it gets any worse. And the fact that my kids could care less if I feel good or not, they don't listen regardless. It's insane. :-( Sorry rant over.

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