Allegiant Airlines Warning

Coming back from our Vegas Vacation, we flew out of Phoenix because we were visiting friends in Arizona. Allegiant was the cheaper airline to come back on. Cheaper isn't always better. I am glad that this airline brought us home and not brought us to. I wouldn't have gotten on the plane home. It literally felt like we were falling out of the sky. It felt like the plane had "stalled" and we were dropping. Look out the window and it looked like we were. We booked seats next to each other and then the company decided to switch everyone around when they had to change planes. Hmmm wonder what was wrong with the one we were originally supposed to get on? Yea you're not going to change my seat to a different row than my husband's. They just isn't acceptable. On top of that I had to finally get reimbursed because we paid for specific seats and well you're going to move me to somewhere that just isn't what we ordered. Overall I'm glad that it made it home. Horrible flight! I'm glad it was the plane that brought us home and not the one taking us to Vegas because I would be renting a car and driving home because I would not have gotten on another plane after that. I will though because I know they're not all like that and now I know just not to book Allegiant. I am not linking Allegiant Airlines through this post because I don't want you to make the same mistake. Spirit Airlines or Frontier may be your best bet for budget flying!

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