A Better 2015?

After everything that has happened the last year and a half, losing my mom, both of Dan's parents and everything in between, I sure hope 2015 has a better year to offer us! Through 2014, I have been dealing with severe depression with the loss of my mom and everything just taking a big toll on me. During my c-section in August with Roman, I had a tubal ligation done. At that time I really should have thought it through more. I mean yea, we agreed we were done, but there are many long term birth control methods out there that if you know 5, 10 years down the line we decided yea, one more wouldn't hurt (though my luck twins, triplets, quads would be in my future lol) we could determine that, and be able to do it! I went through MAJOR depression and horrible crying spells over that situation alone, ON TOP of everything else going on! After losing Dan's parents, who were legal guardians of his three children to a previous marriage, I'm okay with the TL right now. We now have seven children to care and provide for in our home! Yeah! A lot I know, but well that's why being a mommy is a FULL TIME JOB! Will I still wish I had just long term birth control, I'm sure of it, but right now, I'm good! And really it scares me a little that there is still that chance that the TL would still allow a pregnancy. Would I accept that? DEFINITELY! That is the only option I have! I will NEVER have an abortion, that is NOT an option! I had a miscarriage not long after Dan and I got together, and having my doctor tell me it was a "spontaneous abortion"... um yeah, no it was not, it was a miscarriage. Yeah I don't care that it means the same thing we do not use the world abortion! And giving my child up for adoption, NO! If you're not going to take care of your own child, do not put yourself in that position to have one! I understand there are people out there that want families and can't have a child themselves, okay, that is one thing and I completely respect those who adopt! But there are many people out there that get pregnant and do not want the baby for one reason or other and to minimize the situation is not respectable! So now we are in the process of moving into a bigger house because we now have a family of 9, instead of 6. Our two bedroom house was fine for myself, my husband and our boys but now there is absolutely not enough room. Could we make it work if we had to? Definitely, but thankfully we have another house and are in the process of getting packed to move!

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