40 Skills Kids NEED to Know... And Probably Don't!

  1. How to write a letter // When was the last time YOU actually sat down and WROTE a letter; I mean hand-written!? Probably been awhile right? With technology taking over, most letters are probably done on a computer, not very proper or by, gulp, TEXT. Texting isn't writing a letter, and neither is shorting words to "U" instead of you or "UR" instead of "you are" or "your". How about we start by sitting down and writing a proper hand-written letter before we can teach our children how to do so. One thing I have noticed that it doesn't seem like "writing" and "cursive" are things tought much in school anymore. How do schools expect a child to write an essay or a paper later in their schooling when they haven't even learned the basics?

  2. How to make a phone call // Cell phones are a blessing, or a course, but the fact that you're not required to "remember" numbers because they're listed under a name is a bad start. Children will never know their phone number, or the phone number for their close friends/family. On top of that, children need to know how to properly start a phone call whether to a friend, family member, someone they don't know but need to call, businesses, etc. I understand most of this will come at a later age, but definitely need to know so they can make that phone call. Texting isn't for everything!

  3. How to take a message // They sure do know how to answer the phone though. Kids have your cell phone, instead of swiping the call (like mine do), they decide to answer. Take a message! Who called? When did they call? Call back number? Why did they call? Is it urgent (in that case give it to your parent!)... not hard, but definitely useful information should be gathered during this message.

  4. How to get to know an older person

  5. How to play with a baby // If you have a baby, one on the way, have family or friends with babies, or if your child will be around a baby any time soon, definitely teach your child about that baby. Teach them how to hold the baby, play with the baby (they're not able to play the same way as your child is)... They're going to need to know this especially if they plan on later in life, having a baby!

  6. How to sew on a button // I honestly probably couldn't do this myself if you left me alone to do it. I have the idea down, I can thread a needle (that's a task in itself!) and I have the jist of how to do it, but is it going to work!?

  7. How to make a genuine apology // Don't act smug or sarcastic... Actually MEAN your apology.

  8. How to read slowly // Kids tend to read so fast they stumble over their words, don't pronounce them write or don't understand what they're reading. Slow down, take your time, let what you're reading sink in so you can maintain that knowledge and information.

  9. How to hammer a nail // Simple!

  10. How to shake hands // Simple? What hand to use, Right! How firm to shake? How long?

  11. How to introduce yourself // Hello there! My name is ________, nice to meet you!

  12. How to make scrambled eggs // An easy way to teach a child is the microwave method if you don't want them by the stove based on their age. Crack an egg, or two into a microwave dish, beat the egg and place into the microwave for about 2 minutes.

  13. How to balance a checkbook // EVERY bank has an app that will track your spending. It surely makes it convenient that is for sure, BUT what happens with those checks (which is another thing that is truly dying out but still in existence) aren't accounted for in that app, you think you have more money than you really do. This is one thing that I feel everyone should know how to do. Yes, debit/credit is the ultimate way to go as it takes immediately from your account! Easiest!

  14. How to see a job through to completion // Don't give up!

  15. How to write a thank-you note // Sincerity! Thank You (name) for (what are you thanking for?).... and so on with your note of appreciation and thanks! Sincerely, (your name).

  16. How to do laundry // UGH! Laundry... have you had enough of it yet? When is the proper age to teach your child how to do laundry? My younger children will help transfer from the washer to dryer. My older ones will do a complete cycle. They will load the washer, fill with detergent, load the dryer and fold.

  17. How to take care of a garden // This makes for a fun outdoor activity for the summer! Kids love seeing their work in progress and are amazed that they made something grow!

  18. How to fix something instead of replace it // Duck tape doesn't fix everything, but a lot of things can be fixed!!!

  19. How to plan a healthy meal // Not all meals need to be pizza, hot dogs or nuggets!

  20. How to hang a picture // See #9 on how to hammer a nail :-) ... Now, hang that picture. A lot of people do go through all the steps by finding the studs and whatnot, but honestly as long as it's not some 50 pound picture that needs supported by the studs, it'll hang!

  21. How to wash dishes // I personally have a dishwasher and doing the dishes is something I truly despise, but what happens if you don't have a dishwasher or God forbid it breaks? You're going to have to know how to hand wash those dirty dishes! Always clean/rinse your dishes beforehand and they will be much easier to do!

  22. How to make a budget // This is going to be a way of living the best life. A budget only works if everyone is on the same page if more than one person has financial control.

  23. How to wait and save for something // Credit cards aren't the answers for everything!

  24. How to check tire pressure // Take a look at your tire and it will tell you how many psi, set the air pump (usually gas stations have these), and take off the pressure screw-cap and place the hose onto the plug.

  25. How to ask questions to get to know someone better // What would you like to know? I wouldn't get too personal too fast.

  26. How to read a map // GPS. What happens if you don't have access to a GPS? This is where maps come into play! They're not hard to read if you actually try. It's pretty much a GPS without the voice.

  27. How to find a book in the library // Go to your local library and visit the card catalog.

  28. How to seek counsel from someone more experienced // Ask questions!

  29. How to care for a pet // A child can take care of more than just a fish, and actually sometimes they can't even do that. Teach your child how and when to feed your pet, does your pet need to be taken outside, cleaning up after your pet and so on. Kids like to help with tasks like this.

  30. How to select a gift that the receiver will appreciate // Think of things that the receiver likes, is there something they really want, or would use or appreciate in general? Know the person!

  31. How to admit a mistake // Be sincere NOT sarcastic! And Apologize!

  32. How to set the table // A lot of families don't set the table but rather for just large holiday dinners. But how exactly do you set the table!

  33. How to iron a shirt // Give me an iron and I probably wouldn't do it right. I have the concept but I don't honestly use an iron.

  34. How to give someone the benefit of the doubt // Why did they do it? Was it that bad? Did they have any other choice?

  35. How to weigh out the pros and cons of a decision // Sometimes decisions should be weighed out before the action is taken. Your first decision reaction might not be the best!

  36. How to have good table manners // Elbows OFF the table! CHEW with your mouth CLOSED! No one wants to see what is going on in your mouth! That by far is the worst. I would rather have someone with their elbows on the table than see what is in their mouth. ANNOYING! Don't play with your food!

  37. How to read a recipe // Is it a Tbsp or tsp? If you don't have that right you can really screw up a recipe. Teach your children how to read measurements like that and others that may be confusing! Make sure they know to read the recipe before starting the recipe. Sometimes they can be tricky.

  38. How to attend a concert or performance // Have fun! :-)

  39. How to do something well, even if no one is watching // You should always take pride in everything you do. If you're not getting it, ask for help until you do. Practice Practice Practice!

  40. How to be kind! // This should actually be #1. KINDESS is #1 and this is a taught behavior. Your kids learn off of your actions! BE KIND to one another!

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