Do you or someone you know have LUPUS? Not sure if you have ever heard of the disease? It affects A LOT of people within this world and a lot of people aren't diagnosed until they are in their 30s and 40s if they are diagnosed at all. Lupus is something that if you have first signs of it, doesn't seem like it's anything major. Oh I have nausea today, Oh I have joint pain or swelling, I have a headache, my face is red, I have a fever... sometimes the symptoms just feel like you have the flu or a typical ache and pain. Over my almost 35 year life, I look back at it and realize I've had this for quite some time, not just the past 2 years I have been diagnosed. So much that I have dealt with especially in my teenage years, makes so much sense now! I didn't really know much about but I knew it wasn't a good thing. So when my doctor said that is what's going on with me I didn't know if I should be relieved to have answers or if I should cry because I know it's only going to get worse... even with medicine. Medicine does not cure Lupus, it slows it down! So at the doctors today I found this flyer about 10 Facts about LUPUS. I thought I would like to share with you all that do have it! 10 FACTS ABOUT LUPUS

  1. 3/4 of people living with lupus would say they're "very limited" in at least one everyday activity.

  2. In addition to the physical aspect of the disease, lupus primarily affects a person's emotional and social wellbeing.

  3. 72% of doctors think that people with lupus often have trouble asking for the support they need from friends and family.

  4. "My family and friends think I can do much more than I actually can" is a belief held by 60% of people living with lupus.

  5. At least 75% of patients frequently experience muscular and joint symptoms, fatigue, and sensitivity to light.

  6. The top three areas where lupus impacts a patient's life are confidence, self-esteem, and living arrangements.

  7. Lupus can be expensive to live with and treat, costing an average of over $21,000 a year. That's more per patient that heart disease, bipolar disorder, COPD, diabetes, high blood pressure and asthma.

  8. The cause of lupus is still unknown. It's not contagious, even through sexual contact. You can't "catch" lupus from someone nor "give" it to someone.

  9. Lupus is NOT like or related to cancer or HIV.

  10. Women of color are 2-3x more likely to develop lupus than caucasian women.

©2018 GSK group of companies or its licensor. I really hope this information helps a lot of you reading this understand and learn more about Lupus. I understand they are just quick facts, but they are true, believe me. I understand most of them on a daily so reading this today was like wow, yea that's so true. Just remember that if it's not you that has it but someone close does, have some compassion! It's definitely needed. And if it's you that has it, try your best to educate, even send them here! Best of luck!

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